We can remove Ford Transit Failed Injectors

Specialist fuel injector removal service

At Woodall Brothers we can remove failed/fused injectors from Ford Transit EcoBlue engines. More than 19,000 vans were fitted with a batch of faulty injectors, many of which may still be unchanged. When these injectors fail they can fuse to the engine. Removing them is not easy, so much so that many garages will simply write off the engine as being beyond repair. Whilst removing fused injectors is not easy, it is possible with the right equipment and experience. We have invested in bespoke tools that allow us to remove the majority of injectors that we have come across. Not only does this save you thousands of pounds in replacing your engine, it also saves you the hassle of having to hire a van to keep working while the problem is sorted.
Ford Transit Faile dInjector Removal

We remove failed injectors for van owners and garages

Ford Transit failed injectors need not mean a new engine. With more than 76 years experience in repairing and restoring all types of engines there are few problems we haven’t seen before. Using specialist tools designed and engineered specifically for the problem of failed/fused Ford Transit injectors we are offering this service directly to Ford Transit EcoBlue owners and to garages. Whether you are an independent garage or a main dealership we can remove the injectors for your own technicians to complete the fitting of new injectors.

Don’t write off a repairable engine. Whether you are a trade or retail customer talk to us first. Call us on 01977 610 777 or click here to email us using our contact form.

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